Did you know that dogs have a unique language all of their own? They use this language to communicate with each other, with humans and with other animals. Your dog is always
“talking” to you even if you might not know what they’re saying! As humans we can learn to “speak dog” by understanding dog body language and communications. Understanding this helps keep dogs physically comfortable and emotionally happy, especially when they are interacting with other dogs and playing in off-leash group settings.

That’s why at Birchview Dog Boarding we are trained in “Knowing Dogs by TheDogGurus”. This leading pet-industry resource provides training in understanding canine language and social interactions between dogs in off-leash play. By following this training, we are able to match dog personalities and play-styles to appropriate playmates and manage play groups safely so that all dogs are comfortable and having fun. The result is happier and healthier dogs that can really enjoy the benefits of social time with their fellow canine companions!