Its official – I passed my final dog training exams and am now a certified professional dog trainer (KPA-CTP). After completing 60 hours online learning, 20 online tests, 10 written assignments, 9 video assignments and attending 4 two-day workshops and assessments in Toronto with my training partner, Augie, I passed my final training and teaching assessment. Augie & I spent many hours over the last 6 months training and learning many different training exercises. I am beyond delighted to have completed this. A big thankyou to everyone who helped me out along the way and especially to the amazing Augie, who took everything in his stride and was a wonderful training partner.

I’m now a certified training partner (CTP) with the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) organization. KPA is a world-wide organization that promotes positive reinforcement clicker training for animals. The local facilitator and instructor was Andre Yeu (CPDT-KA, KPACTP) of When Hounds Fly in Toronto.

Stay tuned as we look to adding positive reinforcement training services to our business in the future.