Q. What to bring with my dog?

A. All guests bring their own food and any special feeding items, treats or medication. Keeping everyone on their regular food minimizes any possible tummy upsets. You are welcome to bring any bedding or special toys, sometimes something with your scent on it can help with any homesick pups!

Q. Should I bring my dogs bowl?

A. We have plenty of bowls for food and water that are fully cleaned and sterilized so no need to bring those with you (unless your dog requires a special feeding bowl).

Q. I don’t have my dogs vaccination records?

A. You can call your vet and tell them your dog is going to be boarded, just ask for a record of your dogs vaccinations to be sent to you. You bring them with you when you come or email/text them to us ahead of time. You MUST supply these records when you board for the first time, after that we keep them on file and check on updates – so no need to worry!

Q. How often does my dog get out?

We love spending time with our guests! So all dogs have hours of supervised outdoor playtime every day in our large grassy exercise area.

As well as supervised playtime each dog enjoys access to an individual outdoor patio so they can choose to spend as much time outside as they want – dependent on weather of course.

Q. I’m thinking of boarding my dog – can I come for a visit?

Of course – you are always welcome to visit us! We welcome visitors but do appreciate if you can arrange a time to visit with us before you come.

Q. I’m nervous about leaving my dog, how will I know if he’s OK?

As fellow dog owners we understand the worry of leaving your beloved pet behind but don’t let it affect your vacation. Most dogs enjoy their stay in boarding, its new and exciting and they get to run around and play with other dogs, maybe make some new friends. We can stay in touch with you while you’re away and provide updates by text or email as to how your pup is doing. If this gives you peace of mind we are more than happy to oblige!

Q. Why do you have drop off and pick hours?

Dogs love routine! And they settle into boarding best when they have a predictable daily schedule to follow. That’s why we ask guests to be dropped off or picked up during the same hours every day. That way we can keep our guests daily schedule of feeding, exercise and cleaning the same. We do offer 7 day a week drop off and pick up for your convenience.