Busy with work or to do lists? We’ve all been there. Maybe you’re too busy to get your dog the exercise you know they need and deserve? Or you just want to give your dog the treat of a fun-filled day and let them burn off some energy while you take care of business? Don’t worry we have the simple solution – doggie daycare!

Sign up for one of our daycare programs and take a tired dog home at the end of the day knowing they’ve had lots of fun. You can relax, put your feet up and enjoy some quiet time at home with your tired pup!

Dogs in our regular daycare program spend the day in the “Bark Park” enjoying supervised group playtime with other social dogs.

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Daycare Plus

A new option for doggie daycare and unique to Birchview Dog Boarding! 

We’ve learned over time that one size does not fit all when it comes to dog daycare, every dog is different. Dogs also require activities that are not only physically but mentally stimulating. Providing dogs with a purpose is very rewarding for them, helping to build social skills and confidence, adding to their overall well-being.

And that’s the benefit of our DAYCARE PLUS program. Our program ensures that your dog gets quality playtime with other dogs, but we’ll also add some special activities and more one-on-one attention so that every day is a unique and fun day tailored specifically to your pet.

Choose from a wide range of activities including fetch, frisbee, soccer, agility work, puzzle toys, nature walks, obstacle course, long-line “sniffari”, nosework and more.

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RATES. Regular Daycare $20/day +HST. Daycare Plus $23/day +HST (in addition to group play Daycare Plus includes 2 different activities chosen specifically for your dog). Ask us about adding a Daycare Plus activity package to your boarding stay $5/day.

Safety is a priority at Birchview, so we will conduct an assessment, free of charge, on your first day to determine your dogs personality and sociability for group play. Standard vaccination requirements (including Bordetella required).