At Birchview Dog Boarding we offer add-on “enrichment activities” for our guests.

Behavioral enrichment is a principle that seeks to enhance the quality of animal care by identifying and providing activities that offer both mental and physical stimulation to the animal.”

Dogs love activities that are not only physically but mentally stimulating. Participating in activities that provide purpose is very rewarding for them and helps build social skills and confidence, adding to their overall wellbeing.

Add an “Activity Package” onto your dogs stay and they will enjoy some individual (or small group) activities throughout the day. This is in addition to supervised group-play sessions with other dogs, which is already included in the price of your overnight stay (for social dogs). Each activity provides not only physical but mental exercise for your pet.

What kinds of activities will my dog do? That really depends on what your dog likes! We’ll figure out what your dog really loves, and then we’ll rotate those activities into your dog’s daily stay here (2 activities/day). We have a wide range of activities including fetch, frisbee, tug line, soccer, agility work, puzzle toys, nature walk, obstacle course, snuffle mats, basic training and nosework. Activities will be chosen for your dog based on their individual personalities and what they enjoy doing most. 

Our “Activity Package” lets your dog participate in some special activities and more one-on-one attention so that every day is a unique and fun day tailored specifically to your pet.

Enrichment Treats

Looking for something extra for your pup that offers an enrichment activity and gives them a special treat as well? Look no further than our Kong Club! Kongs are great enrichment toys for dogs to play with and can also be stuffed with a variety of foods. Dogs love working to get the food out, keeping them occupied for some time.

We’ve come up with a Kong Club menu that rotates through a number of flavors each week. Choose from flavors like:

OATMEAL COOKIE DOUGH (rolled oats, applesauce, banana & peanut butter)

GOOEY CHEERIO DELITE (peanut butter, cheerios & cottage cheese)

CRUNCH N MUNCH (layers of crunchy biscuit, soft meaty dog food & peanut butter)

PUMPKIN PIE (pumpkin puree, oatmeal & yogurt).

(All ingredients are dog safe and healthy.)

Add a Kong Club treat for your special pup!

RATES. Add an activity package to your boarding stay $10/day. Add a Kong Club treat for $4/kong. (Multiple Kongs can be added depending on duration of stay.)

Safety is a priority at Birchview, so we will conduct an assessment, free of charge, on your first day to determine your dogs personality and sociability for group play.