A new option for doggie daycare and unique to Birchview Dog Boarding!  We have learned over time that one size does not fit all when it comes to dog daycare. Every dog is different and every dog enjoys playing in different ways. Some dogs are social butterflies, other dogs enjoy the company of 1 or 2 select “buddies” and develop strong friendships in a small group. It all depends on the dog and their individual temperament.

Dogs also love structure and require activities that are not only physically but mentally stimulating. Participating in a structured program of activities that provide purpose is very rewarding for them and helps build social skills and confidence, adding to their overall well-being.

And that’s the benefit of “Daycare Plus”. Our new format ensures that your dog gets quality playtime with other dogs, but we’ll also add some special small group or individual activities and more one-on-one attention so that every day is a unique and fun day tailored specifically to your pet and their overall well-being.

So what does a “Daycare Plus” day look like? Your dog will enjoy a structured program of quality group play sessions with other dogs, rest periods and small group or individual activities throughout the day. Activities will be chosen for your dog based on their individual personalities and what they enjoy doing most. 

What kinds of activities will my dog do?That really depends on what your dog likes! We’ll figure out what your dog really loves, and then we’ll rotate those activities into your dog’s daily stay here (3 activities/day). We have a wide range of activities including fetch, frisbee, tug line, soccer, agility work, puzzle toys, nature walks, bubbles, obstacle course, stuffed Kong time and nosework. Each activity will provide not only physical but mental exercise for your pet.

Will my dog have an opportunity to rest? Yes, the day is structured around periods of play and rest. When it’s time to take a nap your dog will be provided with a doggie suite to rest and take a much-needed break before his next activity. Down time is vital to healthy dogs and helps your dog get used to learning how to relax during the day.

How do I get started on this program? Just let us know that you are interested and we can take it from there. The cost of “Daycare Plus” is $23/dog/day. You can also choose to add a “Daycare Plus” activity package to your regular boarding stay for an additional $5/dog/night. Ask us how.

Do you offer regular daycare? Yes, we offer regular daycare where the day is spent enjoying periods of supervised group playtime with other dogs. (Periods of rest in an individual doggie suite are included in the day.)

Call or text 226 387 3003 or email info@birchviewdogboarding.ca