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Its creepy, crawly season

Its creepy, crawly season

We love our dogs but we don’t love the little critters that might be sharing them. As spring arrives our dogs tend to be outside more often, and in many different locations. They tend to pick up a wider variety of parasites just by, well, being dogs. Not only are parasites unappealing but they can […]

COVID update Jan 2021

As Ontario moves to a province-wide lockdown come Dec 26th 2020 we wanted to provide an update on our business operations. Under provincial guidelines we are allowed to remain open for business so we will be offering a limited daycare schedule and any essential boarding services during this time. We continue to follow our contact […]

Keeping your dog busy

A stuffed Kong toy is a simple way to keep your dog busy and out of trouble. They’re easy to prepare, they last a long time and they’re a great way to keep your dog entertained.  The benefits of a stuffed Kong include: keeping your dog busy & entertained great for slowing down dogs that […]