We welcome dogs for boarding overnight, the weekend or a longer vacation as well as doggie daycare.


Each dog has their own indoor/outdoor doggie suite and supervised access to our large fenced exercise area where they can enjoy group play with other dogs. We can also accommodate pairs or multiple dogs in larger suites.

We offer off-leash group play sessions to all guests included as part of their stay. Its what makes boarding at Birchview unique and so much fun! No extra charges for playtime and its always supervised. Each dogs behavior is evaluated before they enter our play groups. If your dog requires individual exercise, no problem we’ll sign them up for our extra activities package.


Our daycare guests enjoy the same accommodations and playtimes as our overnight boarders but they are picked up by 6pm instead of sleeping over. We offer regular daycare where the day is spent enjoying supervised group playtime with other dogs and an activity-based daycare option, Daycare Plus.

At Daycare Plus your dog will enjoy a structured program of quality group play sessions with other dogs and activities throughout the day. Choose from a wide range of activities including fetch, frisbee, tug line, soccer, agility work, puzzle toys, nature walks, bubbles, obstacle course, stuffed Kong time and nosework. Each activity will provide not only physical but mental exercise for your pet.

Click on the link below for more information about Daycare Plus.

Introducing Daycare Plus at Birchview Dog Boarding

You can also add a Daycare Plus activity package to your boarding stay.


For the health and safety of all our guests all dogs must be up to date with annual vaccinations and we require a copy of their vet certificate of vaccination prior to boarding.

Distemper/Adeno/Parvo (every 1-3 years as per vet)

Rabies (every 1-3 years as per vet)

Bordetella (annually)

Ideally your dog should complete their vaccinations a minimum of 2 weeks prior to boarding to ensure maximum immunity.


Food – your dogs regular food. Ideally food should be in a storage container marked with your dogs name.
Sorry but we can’t accommodate any raw food diets.

Any required medication – no extra charge for administration

Treats – you are welcome to bring any favorite treats for your dog. We do give out free cookies throughout the day as well!

Bedding – you are welcome to bring any bedding or special toys, sometimes something with your scent on it can help with any homesick pups!

No bowls – we provide clean, sterilized bowls for feed and water (if your your dog requires a special feeding bowl please bring it along).


Our rates are as follows:

$25/dog/night (plus HST)

For multiple dogs: $25/dog/night first dog; $19/dog/night second dog in same pen and $13/dog/night third dog (plus HST).

Daycare $18/dog/day (plus HST).

Daycare Plus $23/dog/day (plus HST). (Daycare Plus activity package add-on to boarding $5/dog/day.)

Our billing runs on a per night basis. So dogs that are dropped off in the morning for boarding and picked up (at a later date) in the afternoon will be charged a daycare fee ($15) for the time they are here during the day awaiting pick up.


All payments must be paid in full when you pick up your pet. Payments can be made through cash, credit or debit tap cards (up to $100).

Call or text 226 387 3003 or email info@birchviewdogboarding.ca