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Dog Training

I am currently enrolled in the Karen Pryor Academy, working hard to earn my Dog Trainer Professional credentials. KPA is a world-wide organization that promotes positive reinforcement clicker training for animals. The local facilitator and instructor for my group of trainees is Andre Yeu (CPDT-KA, KPACTP) of When Hounds Fly in Toronto. Its a challenging […]

Its creepy, crawly season…

Its creepy, crawly season…

We love our dogs but we don’t love the little critters that might be sharing them. As spring arrives our dogs tend to be outside more often, and in many different locations. They tend to pick up a wider variety of parasites just by, well, being dogs. Not only are parasites unappealing but they can […]

Knowing Dogs

Did you know that dogs have a unique language all of their own? They use this language to communicate with each other, with humans and with other animals. Your dog is always“talking” to you even if you might not know what they’re saying! As humans we can learn to “speak dog” by understanding dog body […]